SHEMROCK Primary School 4th Mile is located in Dimapur, Nagaland . A part of the esteemed SHEMROCK Group, we work on making learning playful and providing world-class quality education to our children.

SHEMROCK Primary School 4th Mile offers an attractive and vibrant environment where the children can learn and grow in their natural way. Our Distinctive teaching-learning methodologies are what make us one of the best-preschools in the country. Our teachers are those dynamic people who love children and love teaching which makes them to nurture our SHEMROCKites in a tender way.

SHEMROCK Primary School 4th Mile wishes to take your child to a journey which is motivating, exciting and engaging.

SHEMROCKPrimary School 4th Mile, 4 th Mile Diphupar A Khel Near Central Jail, Dimapur Nagaland-797115. P:9856167224 Contact Now